Best Web Browsers: Epic Browser Review

Epic is the first web browser specifically designed for Indians. It is also the world’s only sidebar apps browser. This program is based on Mozilla Firefox and has several preinstalled widgets for chat, email, and social media. One of the most appealing aspects of this browser is that it supports the major languages of India, including Urdu, Bengali, Malayalam, Hindi, and Punjabi. It also boasts a unique collection of apps that are clearly inclined toward Indian users.

This advanced web browser was developed by Hidden Reflex, a Bangalore based Indian company. It is supposed to be the world’s first browser with a built in anti-virus. Epic Browser also comes with a variety of Indian themes and wallpapers. The new sidebar provides quick access to popular sites like Yahoo and Facebook. Users can see live cricket scores, listen to music, browse the files in their computers, and interact with their friends on social networking sites.

Epic Browser supports over 1,500 applications and themes depicting famous Indian symbols such as the Peacock (National Bird) and Mahatma Gandhi. In the sidebar, users can watch 18 different live TV stations and over 40 channels in seven different languages. This is also the first web browser that kills Flash tracking cookies. Your personal data will never be stored. Here are some of the browser’s main features:

• Thousands of wallpapers and themes
• A full featured text editor
• Google maps
• Social media features
• Email applications
• A web snippet tool
• 18 Live TV stations
• Built-in multilingual Word processor
• Regional and Hindi language news
• Live cricket scores
• Top albums
• Built-in virus
• Attractive interface
• Task reminder
• Sidebar with apps and widgets
• Type in different Indian languages
• Anti-spyware scanning

The browser currently supports Microsoft Windows platform. In addition to safe Internet browsing, it also allows users to scan full computer. If you are about to visit a website that hosts viruses or malware, the browser will warn you. Epic also offers anti-phishing protection. Users can easily configure what type of news they want to read. The Facebook, Yahoo, and Twitter applications are actually the mobile versions of these sites.

Another notable feature of the Epic Browser is that it allows you to access your files and folders from the browser itself. You can also play games in the browser and back up all your important documents. Epic has lots of features and applications that stand out from other browsers. Additionally, the plugins and add-ons that work in Firefox will also work in Epic.